Accelerating Golf Tourism in Northeast Florida

  • Florida's First Coast of Golf
  • Golf Marketing Association
  • Florida, United States
Assignment CHALLENGE

One of the primary goals of Florida's First Coast of Golf (FFCG) is to generate a significant throughput of traveling golfers from the international markets. Till then, there was a general lack of awareness about northeast Florida as a premier golfing destination.

It was difficult to cut through the “noise” of southern Florida which trapped bulk of overseas traffic, before they arrived in Jacksonville via multiple flight changes. GTC was entrusted with promoting golf tourism in FFCG to global audiences.

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What we Did

GTC designed and implemented an integrated "4-D strategy” for reaching out to international golf travellers in key target markets, through the following intervention programs: 

  • Defining FFCG's value propositions and selling points as part of Tour Operator sales kit
  • Production of promotional collaterals and provision of support structure for golf travel trade
  • Exposure in print and online media through coordinated bi-monthly e- marketing campaigns
  • Pro-active sales calls to encourage proactive promotion of FFCG by international GTOs
  • Coordination with ground handlers for managing logistics, operations and tracking

 3x increase in number of Golf Tour Operators promoting the destination through multiple platforms - both online and print

 More than 2x increase in number of GTOs promoting brand FFCG (11% to 24%)

 700% increase in TQV as tracked by FFCG's inbound golf tour operators 

 21% incremental sales volumes registered by private suppliers including hotels and golf clubs

Client SPEAK

David Reese


      Thank you so much for the successful implementation of this international marketing initiative, with special focus on the Asian markets. The report is awesome too and the most detailed one we have ever received. Infact, tracked numbers show that business booked through the international travel trade has been increased by 21% within 8 months!

We delivered for Florida's First Coast of Golf
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