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Retained Consultancy

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Golf Tourism Strategy


Design and execute national and regional level integrated marketing strategies with key stakeholders


Ministry of Tourism, Destination Promotion Boards, Golf Marketing Associations, CVBs

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Market Assessment, Brand Positioning, Stakeholder Engagement, Media Exposure

As a niche travel vertical, Golf Tourism delivers tremendous value to a destination. Apart from directly generating revenues for golf clubs through green fees, cart hire and equipment rental, it creates successful synergies with other tourism products like spa, wine, safari, retail and so on. 

It is a well-established fact that on average golfers spend anywhere between 2.5x to 4x more than their leisure counterparts on holiday. Research further indicates that for every $1 spent on green fees, a further $4 is spent elsewhere. 

The importance of golf tourism thus lies in attracting high-spending visitors to a destination and dispersing their spending power throughout the local economy. 

In this scenario, GTC is uniquely positioned to help destinations in developing a comprehensive Strategy Roadmap and implement a unified campaign through high-impact platforms. 

  • Holistic Assessment of market landscape, strengths, opportunities, issues and resources 
  • Brand Enrichment including Value Proposition, Product Refinement and Marketing Tactics
  • Strategic Positioning to international audiences through compelling targeted communication
  • Stakeholder Engagement towards a common objective under the aegis of unified campaign
  • Media Exposure about golf & lifestyle experiences using onsite, digital and print platforms

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