Did you know that...
  • She lived with Indians in the Amazon to learn more about natural medicine 25 years ago!
  • She crossed the massive rain forests of Borneo in only 5 weeks!
  • An Indian in Brazil saved her life with honey and herbs!
  • She climbed one of the highest mountains in the world in 1995!
  • She worked as a life guard at Venice Beach, California!
  • She backpacked around the world on a shoestring at the age of 21!
  • She went to medical school but was virtually kicked into golf travel by a Tunisian golf professional in 1995!
  • She is a certified fitness trainer, skiing and cross-country hiking instructor!
  • She provide mentorship and support for highly gifted kids in Asia and Africa!

Golf-trotter, Author, Truster Advisor, Strategy Consultant, Life Skills Coach

Evelyn Gruber

Where it all began

The Austrian native started her career in golf tourism quite by chance. With no experience in entrepreneurship, she was literally forced to tackle the reins of Austria's first specialist golf travel business in the mid 90's.

By implementing an innovative and smart shop-in-shop concept with Europe's leading golf store, Evelyn was able to grow her firm into Austria's largest golf tour operator before selling it in 2008.

The Journey Continues

Since then, the "passionate visionary" - as she is called by her peers - continues to work for her only true love - growth of international golf tourism. Albeit more on the consulting side to assist others achieve unprecedented success in this lucrative segment.

As a truly global citizen, Evelyn calls Europe, the US and Asia her home, as she has been commuting across the three continents for the last seven years.

Her travels have taken Evelyn to more than 110 countries, where she stayed in several hotels and played on 2000+ golf courses around the globe. This has tremendously helped her to develop a unique global understanding of the geopolitical business dynamics as well as the macro and micro environment in the various markets; a critical imperative for any successful strategic approach.

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Solid Fundamentals

Evelyn is most likely one of the very few people around the globe who has been recognized for achieving academic honors in Europe, America and Asia.

The Austrian has a Master degree in Sports Management, English and Business Administration and holds two diplomas in Strategic Marketing from Harvard Business School and Fudan University.

Elite Network

Evelyn is the President of Golf Travel Consulting, Inc.®, the co-owner of Elite Golf Experiences, founding member and CEO of the China California Golf Group, the author of two top rated golf travel books, and a contributing editor for mainstream golf magazines in both German and English. She is also a proud member of the GWAA, IGTWA and The A Position.

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