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Accelerate high-spending outbound tourism from China through specialized "China Golf Ready" programs


Travel Trade, Public sector on national, regional and local level, Private Sector including Hotels & Golf Courses, Destination Marketing Organizationss with interest in Chinese Golf Market

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There are about 4 million golfers in China, and experts predict that by 2030 there will be more golfers in the country than in the United States! The number of high-net worth golfers is rising as the middle class is also picking up the game. Celebrities, the PGA and corporates like HSBC are betting on the future of golf in China.

With more than 80% of golfers in China intending to take an annual golf trip, the Chinese golf traveler represents one of the most lucrative prospects in the global golf tourism industry.

Inspite of tangible demand, there is a significant gap in knowledge and expertise to extract full value from this affluent niche segment. Tourist Boards, private suppliers and travel trade lack specific insights about the profile, preferences and behavior of the Chinese golfer. That´s where we can assist so that you can successfully capitalize on this lucrative market.

Evelyn studied digital marketing at China´s leading University in Shanghai to learn from major digital disruptors such as Alibaba and Tencent, who have been dominating the e-commerce world fo years. In 2014 the AustroAmerican lived in 12 international luxury brand hotels on Hainan Island, China´s #1 tourism destination,  to experience the rapidly changing tourism vertical first hand.

The Executive Team of Golf Travel Consulting was hosted by some of the most important tourism conventions in China. Besides, Evelyn was a delegate of Visit California´s China Sales Mission in 2015 and a honorary guest of the General Manager Golf Course Conference in Weihai, celebrating 30 years of Golf in China. 

As the CEO of China California Golf Group, a daughter company of Golf Travel Consulting, Inc. Evelyn and her team have worked closely with the General Managers of China´s Golf Courses, facilitating bilateral business opportunities through golf. In 2018, a business relationship with Tencent and China´s most powerful app WeChat (= facebook of China, over 1 billion users) was established, resulting in a US$ 1 million hospitality project at the PGA TOUR event at Pebble Beach.

The luxury golf tour operator Elite Golf Experiences has generated millions of dollars by providing customized bucket list golf & lifestyle experiences to the affluent golf market and Corporate segment in China since 2012.

Evelyn´s expertise and industry network in the China golf market are invaluable for both public and private sector keen to penetrate or grow the largely untapped Chinese golf market. 

  • Most Powerful Destination Marketing in partnership with WeChatPay, guaranteeing immediate traction and ROI
  • Successfully Harnessing the power of select golf tour operators and strategic partners in China to collapse time & save money
  • Development of Products customized to the Chinese market that will create interest and entail conversion for premium $$$
  • China Ready Programs for destinations, hotels and golf courses - instrumental to maximize repeat visitors and viral marketing

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