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Accelerate high-spending outbound tourism from China through specialized "China Golf Ready" programs


Travel Trade, Private Suppliers & Destination Promotion Boards with interest in Chinese Golf Market

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There are about 5 million golfers in China, and experts predict that by 2025 there will be more golfers in the country than in the United States! The number of high-net worth golfers is rising as the middle class is also picking up the game. Celebrities, the PGA and even corporates like HSBC and Volvo are betting on the future of golf in China.

With more than 80% of golfers in China intending to take a golf trip in 2016, of which two-thirds annually spend US$ 8,000 on golf, the Chinese golfing represents one of the most lucrative prospects in global golf tourism industry.

Inspite of tangible demand, there exists significant gap in knowledge and expertise to extract full value from this affluent, niche segment. Tourism Boards, private suppliers and the travel trade lack specific insights about the profile, preferences and habits of the Chinese golfer. This is where Golf Travel Consulting comes in.

Having lived and worked in China, learning the language and studying digital marketing at one of China´s leading Universities, Evelyn is endowed with invaluable expertise and unmatched industry network in the China golf market. Her proven success record underlines Evelyn's indepth understanding of the rapidly changiong social and business dynamics of China that till date remains a mystery to most establishments in the US.

Golf Travel Consulting remains a unique resource to generate business for the golf tourism cluster and its related industries who desire to penetrate and harvest the largely untapped Chinese golf market. 

  • Focussed Targeting of high net worth golfers in China via the most effective media channels
  • Destination Marketing to entice the lucrative Chinese through through inspirational campaigns 
  • Seccessfully Leveraging the the power of golf tour operators and our strategic partners in China
  • Developing Products that highlight bespoke and bucket-list golf and lifestyle experiences
  • Successful Execution of conversion-driven marketing using both online and offline platforms

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