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We are Golf Travel Consulting, Inc. ®,

  • The #1 consulting company in international golf tourism with 40+ years of combined experience resulting in an intimate insider understanding of the golf tourism business from the inside out. Founding member of IAGTO. 
  • Our main thrust is the development of result-driven growth strategies, translating the strategic concepts into practicable action plans and assist with their success-proven implementation; guaranteeing stable and predictable results; both domestically and internationally.
  • Our approach will rapidly boost performance in the highly competitive and commoditized markets and is geared to unlock uncontested market space to through a unique blue ocean strategy that will create and capture new demand, break the value cost trade off and make the competition irrelevant. 
  • We have extensive high-profile professional network in the golf travel vertical in 50+ countries around the world. Segmented databases and easy access to high quality audiences in Europe, North America and Asia. We can quickly and easily reach specific target groups.
  • We are proud of our successes in more than 20 destinations including Florida´s First Coast of Golf, Mississippi, California, Mexico, Brazil, Golf PEI, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Gran Canaria, North Cyprus, South Africa and Austria.