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Deliver globally successful Golf Ready training modules that directly increase REVPar and Profitabilty


Golf Resorts, Luxury Hotel Chains, Golf Clubs, Private Suppliers with Golf Related Services

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Creating Awareness, Infrastructure Setup, Executive Coaching, Product Development, Actionable Insights

Whether as the primary purpose of a holiday or as secondary activity, golf attracts more than 60 million holiday makers worldwide, generating close to US$ 29 billion in revenues every year! Surveys suggest that golfers spend on average 2.5 times as much as leisure travelers, positively impacting GOPPAR and - more importantly - profitability of luxury hotels.

To capitalize on these high spending traveling golfers, it is important for private suppliers to proactively understand and address the unique needs, motivations and expectations of this lucrative niche.

However, destination service providers and hotel properties are often unaware of the potential of this lucrative segment. It is not instrumental for a hotel to be onsite a golf courses to benefit from this segment as long as a few other criteria are met.

The industry also suffers from a shortage of qualified personnel for catering to specific requirements of traveling golfers, especially in Asian countries, where Golf is an Elite sport. Golf Travel Consulting addresses this gap through its suite of topical educational programs that directly translate growth strategies into practical action plans for generating sustainable business while driving corporate profitability and performance. 

  •  Creating Awareness about value of international golf tourism and its resulting tangible benefits
  •  Infrastructure Setup including training of front line staff and process standardization    
  •  Executive Coaching to senior leadership as a Trusted Advisor on critical golf related business issues
  •  Product Development for golf niche customized to defined markets
  •  Actionable Insights for leveraging the power of top international golf tour operators

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